Press Release

When leaving a restroom in a restaurant, office building, grocery store  or other public establishment, are you willing to try almost anything to  avoid touching a very unsanitary door handle? Use a paper towel and  then drop it on the floor? Use only one finger behind the handle?  Everyone has had these experiences. Now, I. I. Williams LLC offers a  solution – a hands-free Sanitary Door Opener. The Opener is a small  metal bracket that attaches to a restroom door above the existing handle  and allows a person to use one’s forearm to open the door. As the door  swings open, the Clean Hands® Opener rotates away from the user, thereby naturally releasing the arm. The user’s hands never touch anything and are kept clean, fresh and sanitary! 

It is a remarkably simple product that is a truly dead-on solution to a long-standing sanitary need. The Clean Hands® Opener is suitable for pull-open doors of any construction. In addition  to restaurants, the product is recommended for all establishments where  food is handled or served, for hospitals, office buildings and for use  in public restrooms in factories and grocery stores. And they are SAFE to use! Each Opener is designed to safely release one’s arm even if the restroom door swings open suddenly. 

Several national restaurant chains are now beginning to discover the Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers. This is what one management professional of a  major chain had to say about his Openers: “I have casually observed the  reaction of our guests whenever I was visiting the washroom in one of  our stores. I never fail to witness the impressed reaction of the  guests. Only momentarily surprised by the new device on the door,  patrons quickly understand then use the Sanitary Door Opener.” He goes  on to say: “The Openers speak volumes about an establishment’s  commitment to good sanitation.” 

The Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers retail for under $100  per set of two units and are permanent fixtures. They are offered in a  satin silver finish with a gray plastic coating. Information is  available from I. I. Williams LLC, Hoschton, Georgia by calling  770-251-9787 or by using the Contact Us screen on our website,