• Hands-Free
  • Allows door to be opened with forearm
  • Keeps hands clean, fresh and sanitary
  • Reduces paper towel usage and clutter
  • Gives customers and users sanitary assurance
  • Great for use with hand dryers

Easy Installation

  • Installs above existing door handle
  • Reversible for either right or left hand doors
  • Designed for "pull open" exit doors
  • Suitable for installation on all solid core doors and on metal and  fire rated doors if through bolts (not provided) are used for attachment

Product Specifications

  • Smooth rounded bends
  • No-rust aluminum construction
  • Tough anodized coating
  • Dimensions: 2 x 4 x 4 3/8 inch projection
  • Each set includes: 
    • two openers (one each for Men's and Ladies' Restrooms),
    • two adhesive-backed stickers,
    • stainless steel mounting screws and
    • instructions
  • Patented product

Advantages Over Competing Products

  • No risk of one's arm getting caught in Opener, even when door is  pushed open suddenly and forcefully from the other side. With the Clean  Hands® design, one's arm is naturally released as the door swings open.
  • No need to stand behind door and balance on one foot while trying to open the door with other foot.