National Buffet Restaurant

 A franchise professional says, "A dead-on solution to a long-standing  problem. I have casually observed our guests whenever visiting the  washroom in one of our stores and I never fail to witness the impressed  reaction on their faces. Only momentarily surprised by the new device on  the door, patrons quickly understand and then use the Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Opener."

National Casual Dining Restaurant Chain

 "The Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers provide a dramatic  improvement in the sanitary environment of our restrooms. Our customers  compliment the Openers and we know this improves our store's image." 

National Casual Dining Restaurant Chain

 "Our customers are demanding that everything possible be done to improve sanitation throughout our stores. The Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers for our washrooms are now a key part of this overall effort." 

National Steakhouse Restaurant Chain

 "A great product! Our Openers have been installed for over a year. Both  our employees and our customers use them and consistently mention how  much they appreciate the ability to exit the restroom without having to  touch a door handle." 

Regional Mexican Restaurant Chain

 "We frequently hear favorable comments from our customers about the  Openers. We've also noticed far fewer paper towels dropped beside our  restroom doors, which improves our store's appearance, saves money, and  reduces housekeeping." 

National Casual Dining Restaurant Chain

 A guest said, "I love not having to use my hands in any way to exit the  restroom. This way my hands remain clean and fresh as I return to my  table." 

Major Fast Food Restaurant Chain

 A patron said, "When paper towels aren't available in a restroom, now I  don't have to search through my purse looking for a tissue to use on the  door handle. I'm particular about never touching a door handle after  washing my hands." 

A Public Library

 "With all of the public concern about good sanitation and the need to prevent disease transmission, I see the Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers as an essential new product. We like them and use them!" 

A Sole Proprietor Restaurant

 Comments from the first restaurant to install a set of Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers: "We immediately recognized that this product  offered real sanitary benefits and we quickly had them installed in our  washrooms. We have not been disappointed. Customers are constantly  complimenting the Openers as a great way of exiting our restrooms  without having to touch a door handle." 

Warm Air Dryers

 Installation of Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers is  especially recommended in washrooms where Warm Air Dryers are used. When  paper towels are not available, the Clean Hands® Sanitary Door Openers are the only sanitary means to exit washrooms with pull-open doors.